Sunday, December 20, 2009


I have already shared all this with IP's and since this blog is meant as a way for people to share in this process and understand how it works and feels I thought it would be a good idea to add this in here. I pray I am not getting everyone's hopes up for nothing.

I am discovering there is a fine line between pretty sure and hoping. I feel pretty sure about things, but I am also really hoping that I am right... if that makes any sense at all. As most of you know I have been pregnant twice before with my daughters. The pregnancy's were SOO completely different from one another I wouldn't have even thought it was possible. I blew every old wives tale out of the water. The one similarity between the two (aside from both being girls and the exact same weight; 7'1) is that I was farely certain I was pregnant before I got a positive on the test. With my first pregnancy I kept saying I "feel" pregnant even with a false negative on the first test, I just knew. Many women who have been pregnant before can probably attest to this. Basically I'm saying this b/c I think that this means I know my body pretty well. I'm farely consistent so I notice changes pretty quickly.

Two days ago I started to notice these symptoms:
1)Bloated Belly - This may sound weird, but honestly after I eat I look like I've got a 4 month baby belly. It slowly goes down as my food digests. The only time I remember feeling like this was in my early weeks of pregnancy with my daughters. My pants stopped fitting properly very early and I had to use the ol rubber band around the pant loop trick.
2)Sleepiness - I haven't been sleeping well for about a month or more and I really haven't felt tired at all during the day until about Friday. I was laying on the couch thinking man I could use a nap and then it dawned on me. I haven't felt like this type of sleepy since I was pregnant with Briea (my youngest). I was a stay at home mom at the time and I am NOT a napper (EVER), but in my first trimester I napped everyday. It's a different type of tired too... I can't explain it...
3)Insane sense of smell - I normally have a really good sense of smell, but in my first pregnancy my sense of smell was obnoxiously good. If my husband cooked with onions (yes he cooked b/c the smell of meat made me sick) I could smell them in my house for the next two weeks. It was yesterday that I started noticing my sense of smell. We walked into a Wok Box and a normally yummy smelling place almost sent me over the edge. There was something cooking in there that did not agree with this keen nose of mine. It was awful. We ate there and I was fine, but it definitely got my mind working.
4)My slow moving digestive system - (sorry if this is too much info, it comes with the business of (I hope) pregnancy). I am not constipated... ooh I hate using that word... but I can just tell things aren't normal in that department. I'm going to stop there...
5)Nausea - When I am pregnant my body is very sensitive to water intake. I normally drink a good amount of water so if I don't I kind of feel sick. I have had it two days in a row where I didn't drink enough water and I felt icky. It's not morning sickness... its' too early for that yet, but I feel that I am already needing my water even more than normal. That also leads to more peeing so that symptom could be just from more water.

Those are the main ones for now. I don't know if they sound convincing to you guys, but for me I feel pretty sure that it has worked. It's hard to describe everything, but I really know my body and this is how I have felt in the past... and I was right 2 out of 2 times. I don't want to get any ones hopes up just to have them dashed, but I do want to share. If I'm wrong we can use it as a learning experience and know not to trust a "waiting" body (and mind). :) Lets hope I'm right. I feel very excited, but VERY nervous to find out. There are a lot of peoples emotions resting on the result of this pregnancy test. No pressure though haha.

This will be my last post until after our second blood test. I won't be posting the results of our Christmas day pregnancy test b/c if it is positive (which I think/hope/pray it will be) we want to make sure the hormone levels are going up at the rate they should be and that we have a viable pregnancy. So after January 2nd and after the IP's have shared the good news I will update you all. Even if it's negative I will wait to share... sorry to leave you hanging. Hope you all have a wonderfully great Christmas and New Years.


  1. Oh your evil...I thought we'd go through this together?? Ahhh, now your going to make me It's okay, I totally understand your not wanting to post and since I"ve been through it 4 times before, I can handle the 2week wait. Though it does drive you crazy don't it?

    I too have many of the same symptoms, (not nausea) but I can't be sure if it's the medications (as progesterone tricks your body into thinking your pregnant) or maybe something did work?

    You question everything during this time eh? Every tiny twinge, pain, cramp, feeling, change, everything.

    Good luck as you approach your big day, I hope to see you come back with a great announcement!

  2. Hope you have a great Christmas and New Year's! Looking forward to hearing the news in the new year:)

  3. Yes it's so true! Every twinge EVERYTHING I question haha. So frustrating. I can't wait to hear your news!! :D I hope it's good!! I have been on the progestesterone for about 3 weeks now and I haven't had any of these symptoms until 2 days ago so that makes me think that it's not the supplements... lets hope :)I feel really positive about things, but sooo scared!! eek!! I can't wait, but I sort of can... if that makes sense haha

  4. Makes total sense Brandi....good luck and Merry Christmas

  5. Oh yeah I wanted to explain the reason I "can't" post the results earlier on here is b/c some of the IP's family's read this blod.
    Hope you all have a great Christmas!

  6. Tick tock, I'm itching to know. My blood test is tommorrow, have you done yours yet?