Saturday, December 5, 2009


This week has been an emotional roller coaster for all of us involved. The IM (intending mom) has been in Vancouver since December 1st. She had her first ultrasound on the 2nd and we didn't get the best news. The dr. doing the u/s (ultrasound) made it sound like the abdominal retrieval that was necessary for her wasn't for sure going to happen. This was a shock to everyone b/c the very first step that we took in this process was for IM to get an ultrasound to "confirm" that retrieval was possible. We had been told that it wouldn't be a problem although more invasive and difficult than usual. She had her blood taken and her hormone levels came back in the normal range which was good news. Since they weren't able to view her ovaries during that first u/s they scheduled another one for the 4th.

This u/s went much better, but we were told there are still some obstacles to overcome. They found both her ovary's, but since one is hidden behind some organs they can only retrieve from one side. They saw quite a few maturing follicles in each ovary (yay!!). The problem that they came across is that there is one follicle in each ovary that is maturing at a faster rate than the others. If this larger follicle stimulates ovulation than that will mess this cycle up. It doesn't mean the end of everything, we will try again, but it would be very disappointing. The dr. dong this u/s was one of the people who will be doing the retrieval and she assured IM that the abdominal retrieval was possible and that she would do everything she possibly could to make this happen.

So we got some good news and some not super good news. She has her third u/s on the 6th and at that time we should be able to find out if the retrieval will happen this cycle. If everything looks good then she will begin her HCG that day. 36 hours after that they will retrieve the eggs and then 3-5 days after that the transfer will happen. There's still hope so we just need everyone praying that the eggs start maturing on the same timeline. We are all really hoping for a Dec.10th or 12th transfer.


  1. Hi I found your blog while looking for other surrogate bloggers...

    I too am a 3x surrogate who is currently in my last journey. You can read my last journey which is an amazing story here:

    And my current journey we are about to transfer in 2weeks here:

    Sounds like you and I are at the same phase in surrogacy and would be so great to follow along in your journey and cheer you all on! I just love hearing others stories to success and being there to support one another. We are afterall a small group of people as well as our IPs and it's great to connect.

    I hope you don't mind that I follow along, and added you to my blog roll.

    Good luck on your mission and hoping everything turns out okay for transfer day...all you need is 1!

  2. Hi :)

    I'm so glad you found me! I would love to follow along on your blog. It would be nice to have someone in the same stage of things and a vetren at that ;) This is my first time being a surrogate so there are still so many unknowns. I'm excited to experience the journey.

    I'll have to add your blog to my fav's.