Thursday, October 22, 2009

It`s been awhile

It`s been awhile since I have written something. Not much had been happening on the surrogate front.

A couple weeks ago the intended mom talked to the fertility clinic we are using and they informed us we had until Oct. 28th to get all our counselling and legal contracts completed. That set us all into a mad dash b/c we had thought we had until sometime in November to get that in and we weren't far along in the process. It was quite interesting actually. Going over the legal contract that we were going to be signing really brought up some questions we had to think about. For example, what would happen if the baby had a genetic or congenital disease that would make it unable to live once I gave birth? Would we continue on with the pregnancy and who would make that decision? If I happened to get pregnant with 3 or more embryo's would there be any case where we would be willing to reduce the size of the pregnancy? These were all things that we really needed to think about and it REALLY made me thankful for the intended parents. We have the same morals and values when it comes to the important things. I don't know what we would do if we didn't agree. What if we came to an impassable moral dilema? Everything had to be legally laid out, but at the same time I really trust that we are on the same page and that they take my feelings seriously. I'm glad that part is finished now. We can get to the fun stuff now ;).

My husband and I are heading to Mexico for a week with two of our closest friends. We are SO excited. This is the first time either of us have been out of the country and also the longest we have ever left the kids. I'm going to go and not look back hahaha. I know I will miss my girls, but it will be so nice to have this second honeymoon before we begin the pregnancy and hormone treatments. I can't believe that November is when we start it all. I'm so excited!!