Monday, December 7, 2009


Great news!!! We've got 6 follicles waiting to be retrieved first thing Wednesday morning!! YAY!!! Such a relief after the week of unknowns we've had. She start her HCG injections tonight at a very specific time. She's the first retrieval of the day so we should have little emby baby's growing shortly. Here's hoping they are healthy and ready to start growing in a nice cozy uterus.

So I had to delete what I wrote earlier in this post about only using three eggs... I thought I remember them telling us that, but that is not the case. We are still following our beliefs and morals about life and we will be treating these little embryo's as special, but we are going to use as many eggs as we can get. If there are more than two viable healthy embryo's then we will keep them.

Wow!! YAY!! Can't wait to get all the news and time lines and dates and everything. Looking forward to everything. Man the two week wait after the transfer is going to be deadly haha.


  1. Glad to hear it's going well. I hope tomorrow is a huge success.

  2. Thanks Nikki!! I hope so too!!

  3. Hello - I'm a fellow blogger on the world of Gestational Surrogacy, looking around in amazement and wonder at all the fantastic journals springing up to deal with this subject matter. I come at this from a different perspective -- my wife is the one doing all the work carrying the precious package as it were. I'm just along for the ride as a reporter and back massager! Good luck and if you're interested in a man's take on all this:

  4. Thanks Steven. I will definately check out your blog. Sounds interesting. It's a side I haven't seen it from :)