Monday, December 14, 2009

A few pics...

I wanted to share the pics of the IP's little embryo's that we got. What we are seeing here (the little white dot) is actually little bubbles of air on either side of the embryo's since they are too small to see without a microscope. Still cool nonetheless :) The large black thing ontop is my bladder! wowza!

That moment when the dr. injected the IP's little emby's into my uterus was just amazing! I can't describe it. Everything that we had been working towards and hoping for was finally happening. They are in there!!! They are actually in there!! I imagine them growing and thriving and preparing to meet their very excited parents in 9 months. I know that there is a chance that this won't work, but for now there are two babies in my belly and until I hear otherwise I am going to try and make them the best home possible and pray for them like they are already here.

IM was with me during the transfer and it was SOOO nice to have her there. She stood beside the "bed" and snapped pictures of the procedure on the ultrasound machine. It was so interesting to be able to watch it all happen. There were a couple things that really weirded me out. First was how hugely massive my bladder was. I saw her put the speculum in and then watched and FELT as it pushed against my bladder. It was ridiculously full which I suppose was a good thing, but not very comfortable. There was no hope in me not being able to pee that morning when I got up so then I panicked and downed two bottles of water and a cup of tea two hours before the transfer was scheduled... needless to say I had to empty a tad bit off the top while we were waiting. Another thing that was strange was how she could make my uterus move. If she pushed on my bladder... yay... or cervix you could actually watch my uterus bounce and float in there. It was very strange. At one point she actually poked a little (not painful at all) at my cervix with a q-tip haha. We could see the q-tip and then my uterus sway slowly in response... definitely weird, but cool. :D

It was so neat to bring the pics out to the IF-intended father after (he was in the waiting room). You could just see the excitement in his eyes. Both these parents already love these babies, it is written all over their faces and it's wonderful. We spent the rest of the day chilling at the hotel. IM was having quite a lot of discomfort from her over stimulated ovaries and really needed to take it easy. Her job of retrieving the embryo's was by far the hardest part of this whole process so far.

These last two pics are just pics of me waiting in my oh so sexy grey gown skirt for the transfer to begin and a pic of the wonderful manicure we got done the day before. IM and I went for massages, mani's and pedi's and it was so awesome. Perfect way to relax our nerves in preparation for the big day :)


  1. Brandi - you are awesome! I am so glad to be able to be around for this awesome journey! My prayers are with you and the babies! :)

  2. WOW Brandi!!! What an amazing journey you are on with another family. I am amazed by you!!! I pray everything goes well. It is awesome that this could be over in one cycle. When is your first test???

  3. so awesome Brandi!!! We are praying that all will go well!!! Mary-Ann

  4. Thanks guys :)

    First at home pregnancy test will be on Christmas day :D!!! I can't wait. It is very hard not too test earlier. I have me and the tests here.... just have to resist haha.

  5. Gotta love those pics! It's weird, we never really know what goes on in our bodies until we encounter experiences like this.

    Good luck in the 2ww.