Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Excellent retrieval!!!

I am just sitting her stunned at how awesome things have been going so far. This retrieval has gone better than I even thought was possible. It has blown our expectations and hopes out of the water. They managed to retrieve 5 eggs vaginally from her right ovary. This in itself is just so awesome b/c a vaginal retrieval wasn't supposed to be an option. Her ovary must have come down sometime in the last couple days. They were also able to retrieve 2 eggs from her left ovary. We had initially been told that this ovary was behind some organs and therefor inaccessible. So we have ended up with 7 eggs!! They are going to go ahead and try to fertilize all of them. We are hoping for at least two healthy strong looking embryo's to do a day three transfer. That would put us at Dec. 12th and we would be finding out on Dec. 29th (hopefully) via a blood sample if the pregnancy was a success. IM and I both agree that we don't want to take any pregnancy tests prior to that blood work at the risk of disappointment. If we get a positive result and it then turns out to be a chemical pregnancy or something along those lines it would be so hard to deal with thinking it worked and then basically having our hopes shattered. We will suck it up and wait the excruciating 17 days to find out... at least that's the plan. If the IP's decide they want me to test I am at their mercy. haha :D

Thankfully for now IM is resting in her hotel room and recovering from the retrieval process. The abdominal retrieval was quite painful, but thankfully they were able to give her some pain meds so that she can rest and heal. Lets hope this is the only time she will have to go through this.

I have started my Prometrium today. I believe this is a synthetic version of the hormone progesterone which we all know is important during pergnancy... although I'm not totally sure what it does. I will have to ask about that. It is ummmm.... interesting... It is taken similar to a Canestan tablet... via a vaginal suppository. I have to take two pills three times a day and sit or lay down for a few minutes after each dose. It's only day one so I haven't had any symptoms yet, but some that I may experience include nausea, bloating, breast tenderness, headache, change in vaginal discharge (sorry if that's too much info), mood swings, blurred vision, dizziness and drowsiness. We'll have to wait and see what happens. From my understanding I am on these tablets until I am 10 weeks pregnant so I better get used to them. So far so good.

I am leaving tomorrow afternoon for Vancouver and will remain there until the transfer is complete. I can't believe that we are finally here! I have been in conversation with this couple for almost a year and it has been wonderful to get to know them. It seems so surreal to think that this may be the beginning of what we have been talking about this whole time. I am so looking forward to going not only to complete the transfer, but also to spend some more time with the IP's. I really enjoy them and they are such fun to be around. It's going to be awesome to share this journey with them. I can't wait!!!


  1. I'm so happy to hear that everything went so well. Hope all goes well with the stuff to come too:)

  2. Brandi--what an amazing journey you are on! WOW! and I'm pretty amazed by science and how we can do this nowadays.
    Why the progesterone now? will it help with implantation? because doesn't your body produce it naturally?
    Anyway, this has got to be the most interesting blog I've ever read! I appreciate the information and am excited to follow you throughout your pregnancy!!

  3. WOW Brandi, Things are going so well, and it seems so fast!!! I pray everything goes well this week with the fertilization and transfer.

  4. Thanks guys :)
    Yes normally Janelle your body does naturally produce it, but b/c I'm not going through the normal ovulation and fertilization process my body won't do it on it's own. I will be on this stuff until the placenta takes over at about 10 weeks.

  5. Hey I totally missed this post, but wanted to anwser a few of your questions:

    You asked what Progesterone does?

    I just posted it on my blog if you want to know to details.

    In short, it tricks your body into thinking it's pregnant.

    As for chemical pregnancy, just want you to know that your first blood test can detect a chemcial pregnancy, which is why you have to do a repeat in 2 days. There really is no way around it, even if you do test early. You can go for your blood test, test positive with a beta of say 100, and then go for your repeat test and it drops. That is a chemical. However if you go for your repeat and it doubles, than it shows the pregnancy is strong.

    Good luck, we get to be in the dreadful 2 week wait together!

  6. Thanks for answering those questions for me. That really makes sense that prgesterone would do that considering we need to take it now pretty much until our placenta takes over and our body now "knows" it's pregnant. I knew that the BETA's detect chemical pergnancy's, but the scary thing for us with that is that b/c it's Christmas our BETA results will be really far apart and late. :( I'm scared we'll be all excited about the positive and not find out for quite a few days the actual numbers. I guess we can prepare for that knowing we are waiting.

    Thanks :)