Sunday, December 6, 2009


We got great news this morning at IM's (intending mom) u/s (ultrasound). They found 6 (I think she said 6 or 7) follicles that are almost matured to the right size and should be ready by tomorrow. There are some follicles in her left ovary that are too mature, but not too the point of ovulation. If her u/s goes well tomorrow she should be ready to start her HCG that evening and schedule the retrieval for Wednesday morning(Dec.9th)!!!

I just can't describe the relief I felt when she said those words. I had been hoping and praying that they would get good news, but part of me was preparing to hear that we wouldn't be able to do it this cycle. This puts us at possible transfer between Dec.12th to 15th. One week away!!

This week I felt like this whole thing was teetering on the edge of a cliff... a short cliff... one where we would have fallen to the next ledge, but not all the way to the ground... a cliff none the less. It was very nerve wracking. Then to top it off I lost my estrogen pills!! These are the pills that I must take 3 times a day so loosing them for any amount of time could set me back a dosage. I had given them to my 1 year old to shake (they're child lock). We were in the living room and honestly what could possibly happen. I went to go take my evening dosage and I couldn't find them anywhere. I searched every square inch of my house for 2 hours!!! If I loose these now not only do I miss this dose, but I also miss however many it takes for me to get my prescription faxed over from the Vancouver clinic, filled by the pharmacy (if they have it in stock otherwise it takes two days to order more) and then picked up by me. We were looking at a minimum of 3 missed pills!!! I didn't know what that would do to our cycle, but it didn't sound very good. I couldn't think of anywhere else to look, went to bed and laid there trying not to beat myself up over letting Brie play with them. What was I thinking!! All this would have been avoided if I would have just put them back where they go!!! I was lying there all frustrated and stressed out at myself and thinking to God, "You know where they are!! Please just tell me!!" (I had been praying fervently the whole evenings search). Then I remembered something that my oldest daughter had said that afternoon (she's 3 1/2). I was folding laundry on the living room floor and Kiley runs over and says "Mom Briea's in the garbage" by the time I turned around Brie was walking away playing with something else. At that point I didn't think anything of it. Remembering this I bolted out of bed, slowly started taking out each piece of garbage and that's where I found it. When I saw that lid I almost flopped over with relief. Thank you Lord!!! Disaster averted! Needless to say it took me a little bit to settle my nerves and fall asleep that night. That will NOT happen again! I am super anal about where they are at all times from now on.

Well anyways, keep praying that things go well!! I'm so excited now I could burst :)


  1. I was on the edge of my seat reading the "lost pill" part!! I'm so glad you found them!!!

  2. I too was on the edge worried about the lost pills. Going through a cycle now and also being on estrace I totally know how important those tiny blue pills are. I'm glad you found them, I'm glad it wasn't garbage day!!!

    Good luck to your IM as she approaches the HCG shot, transfer just around the corner!

  3. Since finding my pills in the garbage I have randomly been checking throughout the day to make sure she hasn't tossed stuff in there again. I have found toys quite a few times and a pair of her sisters underwear haha. I think it's time to childlock that thing before I loose something important. She's so fast, little stinker haha :)

    I spent yesterday reading your blog about your previous surrogacy Amanda. I so enjoyed it :) Thanks for sharing and I look forward to following your new journey.

  4. Hi Brandi, I posted over at my blog, but also sending it your way too..... To anwser your question, Basically it's a gaget. Go to Customize, then Add a Gaget, choose, blog list and add that gaget. Then you title it as you wish and add in blogs you follow by copying their URLs in the text box. Hope that helps and of course I don't mind. Lots of friends along the way have helped me with my own I get to pay it forward. Anytime :)

    P.S. Sounds like your doing Progesterone suppositories, I do that too 3x per day, but also with the PIO. Good times!

    I'm glad you enjoyed reading about my 2nd journey..and now we both enter a new one and I totally can't wait to follow your through this. I had great supporters my last journey and I'm looking forward to being yours (if you'll have me). :) :)

  5. I will have you!!! haha :) I love being able to share this with everyone and it's awesome to talk to people who know what it's like. It's nice to have an outlet. When I get good news I just want to phone everyone I know, this is a nice way to share my news without driving everyone nuts haha.

    Thanks for your help.