Monday, January 11, 2010

Feelings so far...

It was such a wonderful week of sharing the news with everyone. The excitement and support was overwhelming! :)
I feel like things have finally settled now and I can breath and relax and take this pregnancy as it throws things my way. So far it has been easy... different, but easy. Mind you we are still only at 6 weeks 5 days. The morning sickness is not bad (yet?). If I don't eat I will feel it and it usually makes all food look really unappealing, so I just lay there feeling kind of crappy. Fruit and yogurt are my favorites and always look good. I have very mild fatigue... very mild. Nothing that disrupts my life enough to notice. I fall asleep on the couch at night before my usual bedtime, but that's hardly anything to complain about. Some lower back ache and lower tailbone pain, but that has gone away as of this week (for now). I'm not fitting into my pants as well as I used to already and that's kind of annoying. It's the perpetual gut that I can't "suck in" anymore. Makes me feel a bit awkward and not super attractive. I know it will soon turn into a baby belly so I can handle it. All in all it has been going really well. If anything the lack of any major symptoms makes me worry from time to time, but then I just have to remind myself to let it go. Worrying doesn't help a thing and this is something I have zero control over.

It has been interesting coming to terms with this being a "surrogate pregnancy". I have been showing a few friends the ultrasound picture and it's definitely different. I feel protective of this baby of theirs, but not the same pride that I felt with my own. When I saw that precious little one on the ultrasound screen I felt YAY for the parents, but not the instant motherly love that I felt for my own. I'm the type of person that imagines and daydreams about the future and what things are going to be like and this time around it all stops at the delivery. My life really isn't going to be majorly altered because of this baby. The parents on the other hand... haha :D It's wonderful and great. I'm glad it feels this way. I'm excited for every new step and it will be SOO much fun to watch them experience it all. I think that this is how it should feel. It's healthy. This is their baby and man are they gonna love it and I'm excited for that. :D


  1. Hey there, so great to hear you've been feeling good! Always nice when there is little m/s in the first trimester eh...???

    I totally hear what you mean by the 'removed' emotions when it comes to the pregnancy. You'll love the baby, but it totally won't be the same as loving your own. More like loving a neice or nephew.

    Anyway, glad to hear that things are moving along nicely. Any appts coming up?

  2. Yes, the first prenatal is at 9 weeks (my dr. is going away for 6 weeks :( so we wanted to fit it in before he leaves) So that's Jan 27th. I will be following up with the OB in town while he's gone, so that's nice.