Saturday, January 16, 2010

7 weeks 3 days and feelin' good

Sooo, I'm super excited b/c the baby's parents have asked to come visit in March. It's going to be sooo awesome to see them!! I will be around the 15 week mark then and will most likely have more to show (as in a little baby belly) than just eating all the time and being extra sleepy. Atleast I hope to have a little belly to show them... that's when I have started to show in the past. I already feel like I have a slight belly, but it's not anything anyone else would be able to notice and I still feel weird about people rubbing it b/c it's all uterus and therefor not very hard. It's still "my" belly, once it starts to become baby everyone can poke, prod, rub and talk to it as much as they like.

The first prenantal appointment is January 27th, which is the 9 week mark. I'm not expecting to be able to hear the heartbeat with a doppler quite yet, but hopefully on the next visit. You never know, we may get lucky. My dr. is going to South Africa for a 6 week visit so while he is gone I am going to be seeing the Obstetrician in town. I am going to try and orchestrate it so that my OB visit lines up perfectly with the visit from the parents so that they will be able to see an ultrasound and get a few pictures to take home with them. This ultrasound will look like much much more of a baby compared to the 6 week little rice picture that we got last time. Don't get me wrong that was a pretty special little rice :)

So all in all things are going great. I feel good. Just enough sleepyness and nauseau to know that the little lima bean is in there, but not enough to disrupt my life in any major way. I am still dealing with weird uterine tenderness, but that's not anything major. I am learning to adjust my sleeping positions early that's all.

We'd all still love it if you could keep praying for this little one. I feel like it's doing fine in there, but since having a friend loose a baby recently and another one have some complications I am finding it hard to relax and just enjoy it. Thanks :)


  1. I will continue to pray for baby's safe delivery to their parents, and for your health. It's humbling when you hear of others who have gone through loss and grieve with them.

    Hang in there, your doing great and glad to hear you continue to feel good too!

    Once you get that baby belly you'll totally have to post pics with your bumps are so fun to watch grow!

  2. You never fail to amaze me. You have got to be one of the most selfless people I know.

  3. I'll post a belly pic next week. It's all uterus, but it no longer disapears (completely) in the morning. Bought my first pair of maternity pants and they feel WONDERFUL!! :D