Monday, May 3, 2010

(almost) 23 weeks and ultrasound #5

Today I had our 5th ultrasound of the pregnancy. This should be last one if all goes as planned. Everything looked good with the baby from what I gathered... they really don't tell you much. The baby is now measuring 2 days ahead of schedule instead of 1 which was interesting. Maybe they will get their baby early :) That would be welcomed I'm sure. These measurements defiantely don't change our due date since they are so close to being right on and the earlier the ultrasound the more acurate.

Other than that there isn't much new to talk about. I've had some cramping, but it is gone as of today and they checked my cervix with the ultrasound so I'm sure nothing is happening. Just all part of the package this time around.

Here are some updated belly pics now that I finally found my camera.


  1. Look at you!! Whenever the IM comes to visit, you should take a picture of her sitting next to you with her hand on your belly. Did they find out if it is a boy or a girl? -ladybug

  2. Yes we will defiantely have to get some good pics when the parents come :) We didn't find out the sex. They want it to be a surprise which I think is so fun!!