Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ultrasound news

I had an ultrasound last week. We were at 20 weeks. As far as they could tell everything looked good with the baby, but it still wasn't exactly successful. Their little baby would not cooperate. The ultrasound tech. said she hasn't had this hard of a time getting measurements since she was in school. Apparently the baby was completely rolled into a little ball and wouldn't show it's face or head. She got the limbs and body measurements after some maneuvering, but never did see the face and barely got the head circumference. The baby is sitting VERY low in my pelvis still and is head down already (YAY!!) so in order to get the circumference she had to get underneath the head which was pointed down and then tucked into it's own body. To give you an idea of how low he/she was let me just tell you that I kept having to pull my pants down further and further and still she barely got it. She finally managed to get the ultrasound device underneath the head and I felt her push down (carefully) with it and all of a sudden I got this weird full feeling higher up in my abdomen as she pushed the baby up. She held it there, took the measurements and then when she took her hand away down the baby went once again. So unfortunately I have to go back for another ultrasound next week. Hopefully their baby has changed positions and decides to come out and take a peak at us. She said at that time she would put both ultrasound videos onto one dvd which is really nice since the first one really wasn't that exciting. All you could see was back, legs, feet and bum... and no she didn't tell us what the sex was although I know she could tell. She was showing me the feet curled in front and she slid to it's bum and then moved it really quick haha. I think had she left it there I might have gotten an idea of the sex so I'm glad she moved it.

Everyday it sinks in more and more how different this pregnancy feels. Today we took down the crib and set up the toddler bed for my youngest daughter who's now 18 months. It just hit me that normally I would be setting up the crib not taking it down! hahaha It made me smile. All the normal preparatory things you do when your pregnant are for Ben and Ali (IP's) to accomplish and it's just perfect that way. I think it's official now that I look pregnant and I am still struggling with feeling like a poser. I am proud of this belly, but I'm not a proud momma and I can't pretend I am. I'm hoping that I can just get over it, but if those are the strongest feelings I struggle with this pregnancy than I'll take 'em. :)

Next week I see my dr. and go for the 5th and final? ultrasound. I'll post the dvd then. Hope the baby decides to boogie around for you all.

Oh one more thing... baby is still measuring one day larger than our dates. Maybe an August baby after all?? (p.s my birthday is August 30th, two days before the due date... I wouldn't mind sharing with the day with this little one :D)


  1. Wow!! the baby is measuring one day larger.Happy birthday!! to you & the baby in advance.:)

  2. Hey, its been a couple weeks, is everything ok? I love reading this blog and I check everyday for an update :)

  3. Everything is fine :) Sorry I was away on holidays for a week. I have another ultrasound today so I will update with a video and a belly pic as soon as I get home.