Monday, April 12, 2010

Ideas anyone??

I have really been thinking a lot about the birth and how we want it to play out. I am SO excited and I know the parents are too (obviously hahaha). The baby's mom and I have been reading other surrogate blogs and there have been some really beautiful birth stories. We both think it's a really good idea to talk about some of these things ahead of time. Not exactly a "birth plan" necessarily, but more so what we would like during and after the baby is born. I think it's good to know each others expectations, needs and wants.

What I would love from my readers... if you don't mind... are some ideas on what would be nice to do during or after the birth to make it a wonderful and enjoyable experience for everyone. I know there are some other surrogates who read this and I would love to hear what your favorite part of your surrogate birth was and/or what you wished you would have/could have done differently. We all want to be flexible, but I think having an idea of how things will go is good. None of the parties involved have ever been apart of a surrogate birth so this is all new to us. New and exciting!!

The actually birthing of the baby seems like the easy part to plan this time. It's pretty straight forward. I'm going to try and avoid the epidural and any other pain meds and go with as little intervention as possible. Of course I hope everything goes as it has in the past, but I know that isn't a guarantee. If we could avoid an induction that would be ideal and pitocin would be worst case scenario for me. Not a fan of that crap unless it is COMPLETELY necessary. They will have to do some hardy convincing to get me to agree. Of course whatever is safest for their baby will be #1 priority. Also hoping to avoid a c-section which would be farely unlikely considering my past, but you never know. The medical aspect seems pretty straight forward it's just figuring out everyone's "roll". I know most of it will just play out naturally and won't need to be "planned" and I totally believe it will be a wonderful experience. I think that everyone involved are very reasonable people and ultimately we all have the same goal.

Sooo all that rambling just to say ideas please. :)


  1. Brandi, great idea to ask for input here! I can't wait to hear some responses. Please write ladies! -Ali (IM)

  2. Have the new Dad cut the cord, and the new Mom can help wipe off the baby after it is born. I would strongly urge you to talk to the hospital about what the new parents can do to be more a part of it, they may let the new parents do a lot more than normally allowed like giving baby the first bath, wrapping baby in the blanket for the first time and putting the little hospital cap on. And make sure they have a camera so they can capture those tiny details.

  3. Yikes, I have no advice, as our little hasn't been born yet. I can't wait to see the comments. :)

  4. Allison would mind after your delivery giving some adcie if you have any? Can't wait to hear how yours goes :D Your almost there!

    To anonymous: How did you find have the new dad in there for the delivery?