Wednesday, February 3, 2010

10 weeks!!

There is something about making it to 10 weeks that makes it all feel more real. This is the beginning of the fun. The second trimester is in sight and any day now we should be able to hear the heartbeat for the first time, baby has started moving and we have the first flutters to look froward to, baby's mom and dads first ultrasound is just around the corner and of course there is the belly watch that will become increasingly more exciting in the weeks to come. I can't wait to share all this with the parents and I'm SOOOO looking forward to their visit in March.

Today is also a landmark for me personally. 10 weeks marks the very last day of hormone supplements!!! I can say SO LONG to 2 tablets 3 times a day prometrium and good riddance morning and night estrace. I know pills are "easy" but I can honestly say I will not miss that extra bit of memory strain. There were days where I would be sitting there and I honestly could not for the life of me remember what dose I was on... I know I took the morning one, but did I take it this afternoon??? What's worse missing a dose or having an extra one??? I even sunk as low as asking my three year old daughter if she remembers me taking my pills. (She wasn't very helpful haha) It will just be a relief to be able to trust my body to do it's job on it's own from here on out.

I went to see my dr. again today. He is leaving for 6 weeks to South Africa and we thought it might be nice to try and get a listen to the heartbeat before he leaves. Unfortunately we were unsuccessful yet again, but got the pleasure of listening to their baby do a little giggy in there. I can't help but think IT HAS GOT TO BE A BOY!! hahaha That is one wild child. It kind of scares me to think of what's to come hehe :) The parents may be getting more than they bargained for ;) I just can't wait for them to see "him" moving around on the ultrasound!!! They are going to love it!!! I am going back next week Friday (at 11 weeks 2 days) to try one more time before my dr. leaves to get a listen. We're not worried or anything it would just be nice to get that little extra bit of confirmation and if he's willing to see me I'm willing to go.

Ok... I'm going to stop calling their baby a him b/c if it is a girl I'll feel a little silly.


  1. Happy 10 weeks and congrats on being done the meds! Around here our meds don't stop till 12 weeks so your one lucky lady.

    Sounds like you got a busy bee in there. Ever thought of renting a home doppler, their great, and you could phone your IPs and let them have a listen too.

  2. Yeah I was going to ask my dr. about that when I'm in next week. Either that or phone the health clinic... they may know where I can rent one... if we do that here. It would be so neat to be able to check in whenever we wanted.