Friday, February 12, 2010

11 weeks 3 days and 148 beats/min

We got great news today. We still couldn't hear the heartbeat, but the beats were registering on the doppler. This baby had a healthy 148 to 142 beats per minute and again we heard him/her squirming around like crazy. Apparently my uterus is up against the side of my belly so it is making it much harder to hear things. It's so crazy that the movements are SO loud on the doppler. That little one must be doing jumping jacks in there.

This week I have noticed a major decrease in my nausea. THANKFULLY!! It hasn't been awfully bad this whole time, but it's nice to start to feel like myself again. My gag reflex is still killer so I have to be careful about where I am if I need to cough hahaha. I have had a few bouts of unexpected vomiting. It's so bizarre b/c I will be feeling fine and then all of a sudden I'll be gagging running down the hallway or vomiting on my toothbrush (which I threw away). Honestly I would take this over days and hours and weeks of constant nausea. I'm just sitting back and waiting for my energy levels to return to normal and then we can get life back to it's usual pace.

We have an ultrasound on Monday at almost 12 weeks. I love ultrasounds at this stage b/c it will actually look like a baby this time and it will be small enough that we will be able to see the whole body in the screen. It's very special. I'll be getting pics for the baby's mom and dad to see and I am looking forward to them being here for the next one at 14 1/2 weeks.

Other than that there's not much new. I'll post more belly pics in a couple weeks. I still feel silly taking them since most of my gut is attributed to the pregnancy bloat, which has blown all my expectations out of the water. hahaha. My non prego pants are a thing of the past and most of my regular shirts are already looking a tad to short. It's ridiculous haha :) Oh well bring it on!


  1. Yeah, it's amazing how you get bigger more quickly with each pregnancy, hey? Glad the nausea's going away for you:)

  2. I love the comment about you throwing your toothbrush away. Glad you did that hehe.

  3. Yeah a rinse was just not going to cut it. haha

  4. Just getting all caught up, great to hear the nausea is easing up :)