Thursday, August 5, 2010

36 week photo's ... finally :)

No bare belly shots... I think it looks weird on me haha. I think that I am carrying pretty low which is fine. More comfortable than carrying high I think. Less baby in the stomach, ribs and lungs. More room for food and oxygen. I also feel like I have plateaued in belly growth in the last few weeks. I am still growing and baby is still growing, but not at an alarming rate. I have a friend who is due 6 days after me and it feels like every time I see her she has visibly grown whereas I can't tell that I've changed. As long as baby is fine I really don't mind. Less belly to loose afterwards. I have been feeling really good lately as well. Staying cool by eating ice, swimming at the lake and using our fans and the swelling really hasn't been an issue too much yet. Some days are worse than others. I can still wear my rings so that's nice! I have gotten my pregnancy induced carpel tunnel back... which kind of sucks. I had it for the last 3 months with my first pregnancy and it was miserable and very painful, but this time it isn't nearly as bad. I can put my arms above my head when I'm laying down and feel my arms and hands return to normal. Basically it's a farely healthy normal pregnancy. I'm happy with how things are going and I can't wait for things to start happening. I'm no longer feeling scared about the delivery just excited to experience it again. Ali and Ben will be getting here so soon and that's something to look forward to!! :D


  1. Wow you look just gorgeous! You can hardly tell your pregnant except for the baby bump! With me I show ALL AROUND, lol.

    I'm glad your still feeling good, just a few weeks to go!

  2. You look great, Brandi! I can't believe my nephew/niece is only a few weeks away from getting here!!

    I can empathize with your pregnancy carpal tunnel miseries. I suffered with it for the last two months of my last pregnancy, and it didn't go away until the baby was about 4 months old. Horrible, horrible pain. I hope yours clears up when the guest you're hosting evacuates the premises!

  3. Thanks Guys :) I really am feeling like I am showing EVERYWHERE too, but it's nice to hear that other people don't see it as much as I do.

    Oh 4 months after!?!??! Wow! That would be aweful. My carpal tunnel goes away pretty much as soon as I deliver... it has in the past anyways. I think it's mostly from water retention and once I deliver that goes away. It's definately not as bad as it was so I'm thankful for that.