Tuesday, July 6, 2010

32 weeks!

I can't believe that we only have 8 weeks left!! We can say that we are now 8 months pregnant and that just sounds insane! haha :) How did we get here.

Everything has been going pretty well so far. I have still managed to avoid starting the NST's, ultrasounds and frequent dr's visits, but I think that will all change as of next week. As far as I can tell the baby is pretty much consistently in the breach position now (although yesterday (s)he reverted back to the tranverse position for the afternoon). This is most of the time really comfortable, but every once in awhile the baby floats high enough to have it's head sit underneath my right rib and rib and baby contact isn't ever an awesome thing. If I had to guess I would say that the baby is probably in the complete breach position with the knees bent and the legs pointed down. I say this b/c I feel the majority of kicks down in my pelvis, but they are mostly fluttering and only if I lay on my side (giving him/her a little more room) are the kicks strong enough to hurt. My youngest daughter was breach until 33 1/2 weeks so I'm not worried. This baby still has lots of time to turn. Fingers crossed :)

My hormones are going insane. They are by far stronger than I have had in my previous pregnancy's. Not sure if this is b/c we started this process using hormone supplements and thus triggering my body to stay at a higher level or if it's just b/c every pregnancy is different, but either way I am feeling them. I have never been a crazy pregnant woman before so this is all new territory for me haha. Recognizing that my feelings can not be trusted has really helped in my day to day management of them, but it doesn't really help those feelings go away. I find myself irritable and weepy over the most ridiculous things. Thankfully I have more days of normal me than I do of crazy me and our summer is booking up fast so I'm sure the last 8 weeks will just fly by. I'm realizing that summer is a great time to be pregnant. Yes it's hot, but there is so much to do and so little time to dwell on the time that's ticking by. I'm hoping that before we all know it Ali and Ben will have their baby in their arms :)


  1. CONGRADS on 32 weeks! Woot woot. I can't believe your 8 months already and also exciting to hear everything is going well.

    Okay, well enough with those hormones. It could be many things...each pregnancy is defiantely different...and the older we get the more different it can become. But also it could be because this is a surrogate pregnancy. When we have our own, we are focused not so much on the baby inside, but the baby to come. You know, planning and well it's just a really exciting time as your life is about to change.

    With Surrogacy we're very focused on the pregnancy...yes the deliver is an exciting time, and your excited for your IPs to have their baby, but once the delivery is over, the journey is pretty much over, and often times it can make you feel sad that the end is near. Especially if you've had a great journey and pregnancy.

    If that's the case, it's completely normal and to be expected. If not and it's just pregnancy hormones, well it will be over soon.

    Hang in there....enjoy these last few weeks....


  2. Thanks :) I think part of it was focusing more on the actual pregnancy than the baby, but I think it's mainly hormones. I can feel when my reactions aren't logical or even emotionally rational and that seems to be the norm for me in the last few weeks. I think I learned a lot about what hormones can do to my body during the pre and post transfer and I am recognizing the change in my temperature, sleep cycles and of course emotions. I'm hoping they settle down a bit :)
    Thanks for the encouragement though!! There are days where I need it. haha